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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Happy Birthday Crafter's Companion

Well its Birthday time at Crafter's Companion and Boy oh Boy ther have been some really beautiful new products brought out just for this celebration ..If this is the 9th what will we get for the 10th whoo hoo ..I posted this box on FB yesterday and had quite a bit of interest..Now it looks hard ,but its not or I would not be able to do it lol. ok here it is...

Now you use the full A3 sheet of Centura pearl or new patterned card ..
1) Score at 2" intervals along the length you should have a little bit left over that will be used to glue the box together.
2)Score 1" in from the bottom and 4" in from the top this is the body of the box.
3)Mark half way points as shown on the top of the diagram (1") either draw faintly with a pencil and score or score to the point with the sharp end of a pair of scissors..These will be valley folds .
4)Now give all the mountain folds a really good sharp edge with your scoring tool.and at the bottom cut up to the inch fold line on each of the mountain fold lines.. Then clip a either side so that they sit nicely when they go onto the base.You can see on the edge of the picture what I mean but do it both sides of section.
5)Now you are ready to glue the box together,using the flap that was left over use a good strong glue like Tacky Glue as you do not want the box to fall apart..I put a peg on either end and left it about an hour,first making sure I had gone down my inside seam to make sure it was stuck down.
6)When dry I used a piece of card..put glue on the bottom inch flaps and shaped the card properly and placed it on top of the piece of card..Leave to dry  then carefully cut the remainder of the card away then have your main box..
7)Using a Hole punch ,Braddle or whatever your weapon of choice place holes around the top.. Then decorate..I used the Vintage Floral CD and Craft card to finish .
8)for the top pleats pinch the mountain folds between your fingers and you will find the top will fall into place..Thread ribbon/cord  through holes and push in the top until it is in a tighter position,it is all about manipulation at first but it is ok once you get it in it in more mallable ....then tie in a bow and either tie off ends or decorate.. and now you have a good size box xx

I used a piece of satin cord ribbon to which I attached two inch circles with a smaller circle of the paper and added gems to the center I had to cut four of each as they are doubled up to hide the ribbon.. I layered my paper and added it to the box using  gel glue (Collall) it helps to give dimension..But I tell you what would look great trying it using the lovely embossing folders..A Christmas one and adding Poinsettias and ivy prehaps..well you go and create and Have fun :)x

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