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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rachelle Anne Miller Birthday Card

Hiya ,have done this pretty little 7x7 card for my Granddaughter.. as it is going through the post I wanted it to travel well so have kept it thin.. I have used the Topper companion ,but the other two images are off a different topper sheet with lots of images on in various sizes..this then worked for me as I did now want to use the usual two extra pictures with the Topper Companion set. I mounted all the toppers onto Craft card and did a lot of faux stitching as you can see on the pics..The backing paper was from the Design set section and worked perfectly with the toppers.and of course so did the insert too as shown...I then added the paper and insert to the craft card and popped them onto and into the card..Collall all purpose is best for this ,wiggle room so you can straighten.Then using 3D Collall glue gel.. I added the topper,small pictures..I used a Small flower punch,cut out some daisy shapes then put in some gold sparkly gems..I am sure Jessica will just love this ..I finished with a hand written name tag..she is going to be five this year.. Thanks for visiting :)xx

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  1. So beautiful. The bunnies are super cute and the details are amazing.


Thank you for all your means a lot to me that you have come to see my work..Thank you :)xx