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Monday, 12 January 2015

Crafter's Companion Moonbeam Meadow Frame Card

A long time friend asked me to do a couple of cards for her so this is the one it is a Moonbeam Meadow Everyday Frame card and it is just simply gorgeous..I live this disc such pretty images and papers all the way through... Its easy to do as it is click and print.. Cut carefully around the outside of the frame card..When you have done this you will see there are very fine marks on the paper,these are your score lines ,so score along these lines ..please note it is not clear but I have enclosed a picture highlighting the cut lines from the center to the from that need cutting I do hope it is clear enough for you (see bottom picture ) ,as they are only dots on your print out..Dont forget to cut the center out.The lines need to be nice and crisp for a good result..When you have done all this then using tacky glue because you need a very good quick strong bond ,glue all four corners.I find this easier to add the backing picture to put the Glue directly onto the frame and place over the picture and gently press,because you have a bit of wiggle space you can then do minor adjustments when you pick it up..I then left this to dry .Then I matted Up paper from the CD onto craft card added a ribbon and MUM in Silvercard from Dicuts and popped it onto an 8x8 card blank. 
I then added the frame ,ribbon a sentiment and flowers to decorate..Thank You for looking and I hope this has helped :)x
Here is the diagram showing the cut for the center of the frame
Please remember to keep your
folds nice and sharp it maked the finished frame
look beautiful :)x

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